Hello from Melbourne!

covid pandemic update...

Our thoughts are with everyone around the world as we all get to grips with the current pandemic. We sincerely hope 2021 is turning into a much healthier and happier year for you all.

A combination of increased popularity in cycling, coupled with greatly increased logistical complexities and costs, mean that we have taken the tough decision not to take any further orders for the foreseeable future – until these factors stabilise.

Why? We don’t want to accept orders that we can’t deliver in a timely fashion. Some customers have experienced shipping times from Australia to Europe of up to 8 months long, which we don’t think is acceptable.

Therefore, until we’re satisfied that these logistical bottlenecks have been resolved, we’ll be closing our site for a while and working behind the scenes to catch up.

But, we’re still available to handle after-sales service enquiries and questions, so if you have any queries or requests, please complete the enquiry form below.

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